Hi, Im Morgan


Food has been my love affair from the day I could look over the counter — or stand on the kitchen chair, rather. Since I was a little girl, I always found myself helping (or probably getting in the way) of my dad. By the time I was in high school, the only TV I watched was the Food Network, and most nights, I spent cooking a new recipe I dug up. In college, I wrote my final English paper on “The Art of Cooking,” which argued why cooking teaches you more about yourself and about life than most activities.

Cooking a meal for everyone to enjoy is my love language — specifically, cooking meals that provide well-balanced nutrition. When people say, “Wow, I never knew I could like kale,” I know my job was done well. You see, my passion for nutrition fell in parallel to my passion for cooking. The more I read and filled my mind about the body and how to fuel it, the more I cooked with intention.   

Along with purposeful cooking, I always searched for fresh, organic ingredients. Every home chef knows that the ingredients can make or break a meal. Nothing beats fresh basil in homemade tomato soup or locally grown tomatoes for that matter. The farm to table lifestyle has become so popular because people can taste the difference. The quality is better and the environmental footprint is lower. Sustainable and wholesome ingredients became top priorities of mine when food shopping.

In 2018, I heard about cricket protein for the first time. It wasn’t long until I was researching everything from the benefits it provides to why it’s so sustainable. The studies and articles I found were all so interesting. Why wasn’t I seeing cricket protein out in the market? The rest of the world has been eating this super protein for centuries, but not the Western Hemisphere. That summer, I decided to take off to Puerto Rico to start a cricket farm. The island had the perfect environment. For the next two years, I grew and farmed thousands of crickets and over 40 generations. I learned more than I ever could have imagined and failed plenty. Farming is as much of an art as cooking or as any skill; it takes years of experience.

Being passionate about nutrition, cooking, and now crickets, I was constantly trying new superfoods and mixing up new smoothies with crickets as my source of protein. I stumbled upon the superfood blend at Salta one busy afternoon. Making a smoothie was too time-consuming, so I mixed some green powders with my cricket protein in room temperature water. Quick & easy. Even better? I loved it — a totally unexpected reaction. It tasted great, and I felt energized, clear-headed, and well-balanced throughout the day. The next day I did it again. And again. And again.

Soon I was writing up a superfood blend with the help of holistic health professionals that incorporated the complete (BCAA) protein, sustainable, nutrient packed cricket powder that I’d grown to love. 

I founded Salta with the purpose to provide natural and organic superfoods that are not only distinctive and “out of the ordinary” but also deliver optimal benefits. My hope is to see more people eager to learn, evolve, and try new things to better their life and their relationship to nature. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not an entomologist. I’m not even a farmer. I’m just a girl who wants to give her body the best, be the best version of myself, and inspire my children to do so also.

With Love,