Super Boost Green Juice with Cricket Protein

Easy, quick, nourishing, and oh-so green.

Quick Avocado Toast with Cricket Protein

The classic avocado and toast goes a long way with our Green Cricket Protein Blend. 

Sweet French Toast with Cinnamon & Cricket Protein

The Red Cricket Protein Blend is the perfect match to a sweet start of the day. 

Fluffy Pancakes with Cricket Protein

A nutrient packed breakfast to start the day on the right track.


Cricket Energy Balls

Easy, delicious, and such an energy boost! A quick prep and plenty of nutrients on the go.

Green Energy Balls with Cricket Protein

Mighty, small, and simple to make. Our energy balls with cricket protein add that extra boost to your day.

Chocolate Oat Cricket Protein Bars

A quick snack that's amazingly good for you and for our planet too. 

Banana Bread with Cricket Protein

Full of flavor, natural sweetness, and all the amazing nutrients that are just right for your body and your mind. 


Simple Chia Seed Pudding with Cricket Protein

Your go-to recipe when in need of a super quick and nutritious way of getting your proteins, vitamins, and all the good things.

Delicious Smoothie Bowl with Cricket Protein

One of our favorites, and a super powerful way of combining the yummiest fruits with our amazing Cricket Protein powder. 

Green Goddess Salad Dressing with Cricket Protein

The greenest, most delicious—and nutritious—salad dressing there is. 

Chai Green Smoothie with Cricket Protein

Boost your day with all the wonders of our Green Cricket Protein Blend and this super healthy smoothie. 


Healthy Carrot Ginger Soup with Cricket Protein

The perfect balance of sweet, spicy, salty, and nutritious. 

Yummy Roasted Moroccan Veggies with Cricket Protein

Fresh, crisp, and full of color. Packed with the most amazing nutrients and so much flavor. 

Hearty Tomato Pasta Sauce with Hidden Greens

An incredibly delicious and nutritious way to enjoy our Green Cricket Protein Blend. 

Easy Pesto with Hidden Greens

A classic recipe with a special twist that's a wonderful addition to just about anything.