We believe in transparency

Our products are organic and free from any additives, preservatives, added sugar, GMO's, herbicides, pesticides or anything artificial. We use third party testing to ensure that our products are held to the highest-quality standards.

We believe in sourcing high-quality, sustainable ingredients

Sustainability has become increasingly important in the food industry as the world population continues to rise. Obstacles like deforestation, land sequestration, species endangerment, air pollution, climate change, and natural disasters are threatening our food supply and creating a serious hunger risk.

We, as consumers, must look at the food we eat and consider the impact it has on the entire food chain and ecology of our planet. Salta is committed to using sustainable natural ingredients to help decrease our carbon footprint and vastly lower our resource consumption. Our most sustainable ingredient is cricket protein. Crickets utilize a tiny fraction of the land, food, water, and resources while creating an abundance of fresh nutrients. Right now it takes fewer resources to produce a pound of Salta’s cricket powder with more protein and nutrients packed into it than virtually any other food source on Earth.

We believe in community and balance

Our wish is to strengthen the understanding of where our food comes from, the way we view food, and its relationship to the environment. We exist in a moment where interconnectedness and symbiosis of the mind, body, and spirit is more significant than ever before. Balance on the planet starts with balance in the body and the self. Salta is committed to helping you find that equilibrium.