FROM Morgan Lowry

Introducing SALTA Next Generation Superfoods for Active Lifestyles

Dairy Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Egg Free

What is Cricket Protein?

Salta is taking a timeless protein and bringing it back to the modern world.

For centuries, our ancestors have thrived off insect protein, as they are incredibly balanced sources of protein and abundant in nature. Over time, we began to herd cattle, chickens, and other livestock. These days we eat the same cuts of meat with no variety raised in cooped up, filthy environments. Not only are we losing well-rounded nutrients, but we’re adding to a much bigger problem. An environmentally crippling problem.

Easy way of including cricket protein in every meal:

  • Add two tablespoons

  • Stir for 20 seconds

  • Enjoy your blend!


Cricket Energy Balls

Easy, delicious, and such an energy boost! A quick prep and plenty of nutrients on the go.

Green Energy Balls with Cricket Protein

Mighty, small, and simple to make. Our energy balls with cricket protein add that extra boost to your day.

Chocolate Oat Cricket Protein Bars

A quick snack that's amazingly good for you and for our planet too. 

Banana Bread with Cricket Protein

Full of flavor, natural sweetness, and all the amazing nutrients that are just right for your body and your mind.