What makes a protein powder superior to all others? Simplicity. 

These days you can spend hours looking at all the packaged foods that are filled with additives, flavorings, and other enhancers. Reading the label has never been so important! Purity is key, fewer ingredients we have in our food, the better. It’s no different for protein powders. When looking for the best protein powder to add to your smoothies, look for the least processed powder. Do away with all the gums and preservatives. Our bodies thrive with real food. 

At Salta, we believe wholesome ingredients are best. That’s why cricket protein is our choice for the best protein powder – there’s one ingredient. Crickets. It’s as simple as that. The way it’s processed starts with frozen crickets that are then dry-roasted and milled into a fine powder. There are no additives or enhancers. It’s real food. It’s whole food. 

Using cricket powder as a supplement is the cleanest and best choice for those looking to add more protein into their diet without increasing their intake of meat. It also adds variety to your diet, while still being a complete protein. There are many other reasons cricket protein stands out, but it’s transparency and wholesomeness stand out to us. 

Shop cricket protein and superfood blends with crickets here.

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