Cooking with Cricket Flour

Although billions of people around the world eat bugs everyday, it’s still a new concept to some. Insect protein, in particular cricket protein, is quickly becoming the food of the future for both environmental and nutritional reasons. But for the less adventurous eater, how can you incorporate this nutritional powerhouse in your diet? 

Cricket flour, aka cricket protein, is made with 100 percent crickets. The processing of the flour starts with frozen crickets, which are then dry-roasted and milled into a fine powder. It resembles a brown protein powder or brown sugar, as some would say.  

With its fine texture, cricket flour is extremely versatile and palatable. Not only can it be easily added to shakes, but you can also cook with it, as the name suggests. Cooking with cricket flour is easy. In order to maintain the same consistency in your recipes, substitute 25 percent of your flour (whichever you are using) with crickets! Because cricket flour is a pure protein, this is an easy way to add macro and micro nutrients to any of your favorites without sacrificing texture or flavor. If you have kids and are looking to make those morning pancakes or afternoon cookies a bit more on the healthy side, try this trick! 

Some of our favorite recipes are posted below. 


Banana bread. 

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At Salta, we believe wholesome ingredients are best. That’s why cricket protein is our choice for the best protein powder – there’s one ingredient. Crickets. It’s as simple as that.